Safe Clubbing Policy

We want your visit to the Cathouse to be an enjoyable one, we believe nobody should feel unsafe on a night out and everyone should get home safe, here are the steps we take to keep you safe. If you have any questions or problems before, during or after your visit please get in touch, or speak to a manager


Searches on entry

We carry out enhanced searches on entry, this includes searching all bags and wallets, as well as pat down searches too, this is to minimise the chances of any illegal substances being brought into Venue. We operate a zero-tolerance policy and anyone found in possession of any substances will be removed or denied entry and the police may be contacted. At times, metal detection wands may also be used and furthermore thorough searches used too.


Security Staff

You’ll find our security team in all areas of the venue,  either be stationed somewhere you can easily see them or will be walking around all areas of the club, there’s always some at the front door too, approach any of them if you need help or alternatively ask any of our bar team.



We have CCTV in use throughout Venue and outside Venue.


Ask for Angela

We operate the Ask For Angela scheme, posters are up around the venue for information. If you feel like a date has gone bad and you need help getting out of the situation, please speak to a member of our staff by asking for Angela.


Free drinks covers

If you wish to cover your drinks then we’ve got free drinks covers available (for pint cups) at the bar, just ask and our team will cover your pint cups for you. You may ask for your drink to be made in a pint cup.


We’ll remove unattended drinks

We’ll regularly remove any drinks we see that are unattended, not because we want you to spend more money, but so that if something has been put in it whilst you’re not looking, you don’t drink it. Please don’t leave drinks alone, especially when going outside, finish your drinks first or leave them with someone you trust, also, please don’t pick up any drinks that you’re not sure are yours.


Drink seems a bit off?

Whilst not all substances put into a drink will cause a change to the drink, some might. If your drink changes in appearance or just doesn’t seem right, let us know and we’ll swap it for a new one.


Someone making you feel uncomfortable?

Let us know and we’ll sort it straight away. Either any of the security team or any of our bar team. Our team have been trained on how to help


Feel unwell?

Let us know straight away, we’re here to help without judgement, even if it’s something you’ve taken yourself that has led to you being unwell, we’re still here to help. Our team have been trained on how to help


Don’t leave alone

Make sure you know where your mates are and know how you’re getting home, don’t leave club on your own, speak to our door staff if you end up on your own and they’ll be happy for you to wait with them until you find a friend or wait for a taxi.


Free tap water

Tap water is always free at all clubs and is always available, even when the bar is closed, just ask any member of our team.


Sensory overload

If things feel a bit intense, we offer sensory aids and ear plugs from our cloakroom.



If you suspect you  generally  don’t feel right, please contact a member of staff immediately, we’re here to help without judgement, we’ll make sure you’re safe and not left alone. Even if you’ve taken something yourself and feel unwell, speak to us, we’re here to help

All of our team have been briefed on our policies and are aware of the procedures we’ve put in place to help combat this, if you have any concerns during or after your visit please ask for a Manager who will be happy to discuss these with you.